Message from to the wider Internet CommunityEdit

Bitcoin is a digital cryptocurrency. Think of it as money 2.0 or even as the Internet of money. We are bitcoin enthusiasts. By accepting bitcoins your company can gain several advantages - lower transaction fees, quicker acceptance of funds (an hour (or instantly if you have a payment processor that supports it)) as opposed to one - two settlement days with credit cards). It is a one-way transaction that cannot be reversed or erased.

It's secure: your company would be a first mover that is known for supporting the cryptocurrency economy...more users would flock to you for adopting usage, and you could see an entire new segment of customers with disposable bitcoins (like me!). If you choose to not cash out the bitcoins now, you could allow them to sit and appreciate to a higher price which would allow you to gain substantially from the increase in value. I am just one individual, but I am going to participate with bitcoin talk in spreading the word to others to ask that they reach out to you to consider accepting bitcoins. Thank you for your time.